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Covering over 20 Million Hectares Throughout England, Scotland and Wales


With RTK technology, the precise location of the receiver is determined by a combination of the satellite positioning received by the GPS receiver itself and a correction to that position, received from a nearby “base station”. The correction is calculated by the base station several times a second, by comparing its changing theoretical position, as received in real-time by the same satellites the receiver gets its position from, to its actual position, which is constant.

A Gateway to many tech-enabled efficiencies:
RTK guidance and accurate tractor guidance is the foundation and prerequisite to a variety of advanced precision ag technologies the farmer can then benefit from, such as VRT (Variable Rate Technology) and the implementation of GIS heat-maps generated by soil sensors as well as by drone or satellite imagery.

RTK (Real Time Kinematic)

RTK (Real Time Kinematic) is the use of fixed position base stations to enhance the accuracy of GPS systems by transmitting signals that correct positioning errors caused by the Earth’s atmosphere.

Fixed RTK base stations, as the name suggests, have a permanent position which never changes. This position is transmitted to the Tractor which can then correct its own position, which constantly varies, and align it to the base station. Therefore creating the most accurate position.

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Base Stations

As the base stations never move it is possible to create fixed traffic lines in fields as the recorded GPS positions are repeatable and will always be in the same place.

As the range of an individual base station is limited our base stations are placed strategically so that the coverage overlaps. This builds redundancy into the systems and means that the systems is always being used within healthy operating parameters and not at extremes.

RTKF Net use a mixture of Radio base stations, that are specific to Trimble receivers, and networked base stations that use 4g and internet based cloud servers to transmit the signal. Radio bases are available through East Anglia and Lincolnshire.

Advantages of RTKFnet

Here are the reasons RTKFnet is your essential GPS supplier:

Low Cost Signal

Maximum Accuracy


Reduce inputs

Covering 23 million ha

Increased productivity

Roam across the entire network

Robust reliable signal

Improved coverage

Fewer overlaps

Reduced driver fatigue

Controlled traffic

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